I know you’ll love watching and using these tips as much as we loved putting them together.

Day 12:

Holiday Stain Removal!

What a great party you’re having. Everyone seems to be having a great time… when all of a sudden- A spill! So before you get your reindeer panties in a bunch, prep yourself on these 3 common holiday stains and how to clean them.




Day 11:

Top 4 Areas to Deodorize

Knowing you have guests coming in a few days, plan ahead and deodorize or steam clean your carpets. Carpets are like sponges- they absorb everything that settles on them.




Day 10:

Cleaning Holiday Decor Messes

Tis’ the season when glitter, tinsel, and holiday trees invade the homes of thousands. But what do you do when the glitter and glam starts falling faster than snow and makes it’s way onto your carpet and clothing? You clean it up using these handy tips.




Day 9:

Keep Clean While Wrapping!

Snippets of paper, ribbon, tissue paper, organza, pieces of wire, sequins, price tags, pieces of mangled tape ad infinitum. The mess never ends with gift wrapping, but the outcome is amazing, someone’s beaming face when they get your gorgeous gift.




Day 8:

Clean-Up Oven Spills!

We always complain that we eat too much but it does happen only once per year (that’s the real reason LuluLemon pants exist). And you know you’ve pinned like 2,398,439 recipes that you want to try and show up your sister-in-law this year. But here’s the catch: something may bubble over or not work as planned.




Day 7:

Five Minute Bathroom Tidy!

So, the guests are coming earlier than expected and you only 5 minutes to tidy the bathroom! Don’t worry, Melissa shows us some quick and easy tips to make the bathroom presentable..




Day 6:

Clean-Up Broken Ornaments!

Alas, small breaks do happen and even the most lovely ornaments, light bulbs and even glasses are prone to breaking. So if you find yourself among a broken item and a lot of warm bodies this holiday season, here’s how to quickly clean up the mess without interrupting the party.




Day 5:

Shining Up Flatware & Glassware!

A huge part of the holiday experience is setting and dining at the festive table. No matter what you are celebrating, your table sets the stage and drums up excitement among your guests. Whether you are bringing out the finest you’ve got or your everyday stuff, your glasses, cutlery and dishes should look perfect..




Day 4:

Clean Holiday Decorations!

With Holidays so close, our homes are undoubtedly filled with holiday decor (no matter what holiday or combination therein is being celebrated). To keep these items looking gorgeous all season long, here’s what I suggest..




Day 3:

Safely Remove Cooking Grease

I’ve heard that a plumber’s rate triples on Holidays, and there’s no surprise that clogged pipes occur most often during this time. Fats, oils and grease seems harmless, but indeed it is not.




Day 2:

Eliminate Winter Boot Messes

If you find your front entryway becomes a sopping wet muddy mess when guests come over, here’s the solution!




Day 1:

10 Minute Tidy Up

Learn how to speed tidy before your guests arrive, your house will look so organized (and only you know the truth)!





Hello all of you neatnicks. Doesn’t it sound so cliche when someone says ‘with holiday season just around the corner…’ you just know they are trying to sell you something (that’s because you usually hear it heavily cycled in advertising). But the reality is, holidays are just around the corner and from our perspective, there’s a lot to do. Houses need to be cleaned in preparation for guests and unique holiday messes and cleaning tasks arise which we don’t really think about dealing with aside from, well, holiday time.

So, instead of giving all of you holiday gifts (because logistically and cost-wise, it makes zero sense), we decided to put together 12 great videos/blog posts which offer you tips that you can pull out of your back pocket when the turkey hits the fan.

Each day, we’ll post up a new tip and you can view it as well as previous tips by clicking on the ’12 Days calendar’ or by viewing this post daily.

Happy holidays and thank you for your continued support <3


Melissa & The Clean My Space Team.

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  1. Hey Melissa,
    I recently started watching your videos on YouTube, and I must say I’m really impressed… I keep watching them all through out the day… Really like using your tips 🙂

    I have a question… Can you please share some cleaning and deodorising tips for baby nappy bins. Even if I empty it out every day, and use bin liners each time, the bin still smells funky and has even started making the nursery smell bad now 🙁 Every two weeks or so I actually wash the whole bin and leave it to air outside… That helps for a day but then the smells come back 🙁

    Please help!


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