Day 5 | Shining Up Flatware, Dinnerware and Glassware for the Holidays

A huge part of the holiday experience is setting and dining at the festive table.  No matter what you are celebrating, your table sets the stage and drums up excitement among your guests.  Whether you are bringing out the finest you’ve got or your everyday stuff, your glasses, cutlery and dishes should look perfect.

No one wants to see glasses with lipstick stain ghosts, cutlery with a hardened piece of broccoli or a bit of tarnish, or scratchy, scummy looking dishes.   This brings up memories for me, my mother would employ my sister and I to do be on dish duty before guests came over.  It was our ‘thing’.

We have 3 great videos for making your flatware, dinnerware and glassware look perfect for the holidays.

1) How to de-tarnish your silver

This walks you through cleaning your silverware (in the video I demo on jewelry, but it works for any silver) and this includes flatware, service pieces and tea sets.

2) How to remove scuff marks off your plates

This works for all kinds of plates from your cheap and cheerful IKEA plates to your bone china.  Make them look brand new again with this insanely easy trick!

3) How to shine cutlery

(eek, this was my 3rd video)

This is a trick that I love for cutlery cleaning – it literally makes each piece sparkle.

A couple of other little issues to note that you can quickly deal with:

Lipstick stains on glassware:

Take a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and gently rub out the lipstick stain – you’ll see nothing on the glass!

When looking for the best cleaning tools, check out Maker’s Clean Products. They provide the best microfiber cloths for all your cleaning needs!

Rust stains on stainless steel cutlery:

Take a tablespoon of salt (don’t use coarse salt like I did in the video, it’s all I had but does not work as well), along with a tablespoon of lemon juice (fresh or bottled).  Create a paste and gently rub the scrub on your cutlery.  You can use a cloth to agitate it if you wish.  The rust stains will come off with a bit of elbow grease!  Then, rinse and polish.

Now, because of your hosting and cleaning savvy, your service pieces will shine up beautifully and be ready to make your holiday table sparkle.

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  1. Turn the glass around while holding the sponge in place. The best is if you have a sponge that is attached to a long handle so that your hand is not actually inside the glass.


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