Crack, shatter, damn! Alas, small breaks do happen and even the most lovely ornaments, light bulbs, and even glasses are prone to breaking.  So if you find yourself among a broken item and a lot of warm bodies this holiday season, here’s how to quickly clean up the mess without interrupting the party!

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Sweep First

Sweep up any larger pieces, being careful not to cut yourself. Place the glass from the dustpan into a wet paper towel (this sticks to the glass more and is easier to bundle up), and then place in a plastic bag.

Lint Roller FTW

For the finer bits, grab your lint-roller and brush the area where the breakage happened to pick up any tiny shards that could result in a hospital bed with stitches! A quick roll and you’ll see all the little pieces that come up, and then you can easily peel off a sheet and throw it away.

I know it’s obvious, but it’s good to have a little refresher on broken ornament cleanup because I’m almost 100% certain that you’ll experience at least one broken something-or-other this holiday season—and now the solution is top-of-mind!

A lint roller is so handy around holiday time, and if you’re into home hacks, here’s 19 other terrific uses for a lint roller!

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