Day 2 | Eliminate Winter Boot Messes

I recall a brilliant family member who hosted our annual holiday party each year at her lovely home. 

Because there were so many kids at the party and of course, the party always coincided with the first annual blast of winter, there were countless pairs of winter boots to deal with.  In this lovely home of hers, complete with a marble entryway, there was no way any trace of snow, salt, sand or mud was going to make it in past the door mat.

Instead, she came up with a brilliant system to manage winter footwear that has stuck with me to this day.

So, if you find your front entryway becomes a sopping wet muddy mess, here’s the solution.

  1. Leave a good quality doormat outside (preferably one that encourages people to wipe their feet really well.
  2. Grab a few old towels, enough plastic shopping bags (one per guest) and  a permanent marker.
  3. When your guests come over, ask them to remove their boots and step inside one foot at a time (this can be seen as inhumane depending on the temperature, feel free to alter to your taste).
  4. Hand them an old towel to wipe their boots off and then a plastic bag (ideally do this over a second doormat).  Place the boots in the bag, and label it with the marker.
  5. The bags contain the excess liquid, mud, sand and salt that would spread onto your floor is now contained, and everyone will know which bag their boots are in at the end of the night and you don’t have an industrial-sized clean up on your hands.

In Canada we all know what the ol’ soaker feels like and this is a terrific way to avoid it.

Never had a soaker before?

It’s when you step in a puddle of melted snow and sand pooled by your winter boots and soak your socks prior to putting your boots on.  Horrible.  It’s like the soiled diaper of winter.

So, this little technique will help manage your front entryway and keep floors and socks dry this holiday season.


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