Getting your lakehouse, cottage, or cabin ready for the warm months is an essential part of enjoying your summer. Let’s take a look at the best ways to prep your space for family, friends, and a summer of fun!

JUST A NOTE: I’m sticking to indoor maintenance here!  There’s so much more we could talk about but I am choosing just a few here!

Airing It Out

  • Open all of the windows
  • Use an air purifier and/or fans to help push the stale air out

Refreshing Fabrics

Over the closed season, fabrics become dusty and musty. Plus, this is a good time to deep clean fabrics and remove stains from the seasons past. So, here’s how to refresh those fabrics!

  • Steam fabrics with a steamer (handheld or a larger one).
  • Spray fabrics with a fabric refresher spray, which traps and eliminates odors.
  • Follow up by dry vacuuming.
  • Deep clean soft surfaces with a deep cleaner and appropriate solution.
  • Launder all beddings and towels before making up the rooms and bathrooms.

Dusting Vacuuming

There is some EPIC dust, cobwebs, and dead bugs when first opening up the cottage after months of no use. This is one of the first steps, as the dust built up over the off-season will be covering everything.

  • For hard floors, consider a cursory sweep or vacuum to remove the bigger particles. For carpets, vacuum first.
  • Once done, work from top to bottom. For a high duster (ceilings, shelves, walls), try using a microfiber mop.
  • Use a pillowcase or bendable microfiber wand to clean ceiling fan blades.
  • Remember to empty the vacuum filter often to keep the vacuum working effectively and efficiently.

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Check Safety Features

Check up on your home’s safety features to ensure a safe summer:

  • Check flashlights (do they work, do they need new batteries…etc).
  • Do your indoor and outdoor lightbulbs need replacing?
  • Test and replace old batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Make sure your fire extinguisher is in good shape.
  • Switch out furnace filters.

Pantry, Fridge, Toiletries

The fridge might be a scary sight. Hopefully, you removed everything the last time you used it, but if not, the fridge will need some attention!

  • Remove anything spoiled, and clean the shelves, drawers, and doors.
  • Check your pantry: what’s expired, what’s still good? Make a shopping list so you know what to pick up.
  • Get rid of all expired goods!
  • Stock up on essentials, like garbage bags, bug spray, sunscreen, cleaning supplies, toilet paper…etc

Well, there ya go! Just a few things needed to get your summer place ready for some rest and relaxation. Now, many of these things are also good to do when closing down the cottage for the off-season. Just remember, it’s always better to be prepared then stuck needing something important, so double and triple-check your supplies and facilities often. Now get out there and enjoy the sun!

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