Cleaning your wood cutting board is super simple! Our very first Minute to Clean video focuses on a simple yet highly effective way to clean your cutting board using only 2 ingredients: Salt & Lemon!


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Chad Reynolds is an entrepreneur, artist, and the executive producer and co-creator of Clean My Space. In 2001 he co-founded and served as creative director for 360 Mediaworx, a digital design agency in Toronto. In 2007, Clean My Space was created and along with his wife Melissa, they built an award-winning boutique cleaning company and a highly successful digital content brand on YouTube.


  1. this is great but how often do you do this? can you include how often to clean things with these types of videos please as I get so confused by actual real-life implementing? For example, I’ve watched videos of how to clean microfibre cloths etc but I still wonder what you do with things in the mean time between the using and the not washing etc, for example, I used some microfibre dry gloves to dust a few items, and I could see the dust on the cloth.. was confused as to when that cloth needed washing and how to remove what had collected on there, eg do I get it wet and just rinse out then leave to dry? Can you do a video where we see you doing it in real life and no edits, where the stuff goes in between etc? hope this makes sense, its just I have no confidence in me fulling understanding it all yet get concerned about hygiene and think it’s me not knowing what to do in full that stops me cleaning.

    • It is difficult to say exactly how often things should be washed or cleaned, as everyone’s habits and homes are different. That being said, if it looks dirty or feels dirty, it is time to clean. In between washes with the microfibre cloths, we rinse them and leave them to dry in an open space, like on a rack in the laundry room. We then launder them about once a week or after a thorough cleaning. Hopefully that helps 🙂


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