Do you have carpets in your home?! I’m guessing most of you do. And let’s face it, they are a pain to clean! Carpets hold onto dirt, dust, and bacteria more than hardwood floors because all that dirty stuff gets trapped within the carpet fibers. And if you have a cat or dog, then you probably have a ton of fur in your carpets too. 

Recently, the carpet squeegee, or carpet scraping, has become a big TikTok cleaning hack. This hack shows people literally squeegeeing their carpets to clean them. Allegedly, this hack removes dirt, grime, pet pair, and everything else. If this works, it could be a huge time saver and a great cleaning hack. 

Carpets require time and energy to clean, and cleaning carpets is important. If you neglect them, they will get worn more quickly and become harder to clean when you finally try. Plus, carpets can get smelly, especially if you have pets. But is the carpet squeegee the right way to clean carpets? Let’s find out. 

Living room with carpet

TikTok Cleaning Hacks: Are They Right For You?

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m basically a cleaning guru at this point. Some people get advice questions on how to bake beautiful cakes or how to be more zen, but I get advice questions on how to clean the bathroom or how to get cat vomit out of carpets. 

All that to say, a lot of people ask me about different TikTok trends they see. Do they work? How effective are they? Will they damage personal items?! Truthfully, the answer varies every time. 

You should always verify a cleaning hack works before you try it, especially if it involves cleaning products. You don’t want to end up staining, damaging, or bleaching a personal item because someone on TikTok did it first. 

Always do some research, like you’re doing right now by reading this blog, and make sure a trusted cleaning expert (like me!) has verified this method before you test it out yourself. 

Carpet Squeegee: How To Clean Carpets

OK, so how are people actually squeegeeing their carpets? Well, it’s simply a matter of taking a squeegee and pulling it back along the carpet to bring out all the dirt and dust hidden in the fibers. 

TikTok users have shown themselves squeegeeing up handfuls of pet hair and grime with just a few pulls on a carpet squeegee. Is this magic? Or is this just another cleaning gimmick? Here’s my take. 

Carpet squeegeeing can absolutely get dirt and grime out of your carpet. And what TikTok might not have told you is it works on other upholstery, too, including sofas; I actually recommended using a squeegee on carpets to remove pet hair in my article My Best Cleaning Hacks: 6 Cleaning Tips. 

However, at Clean My Space, we’re all about working smarter, not harder. So is cleaning your carpet with a squeegee a good idea? 

How to Clean Carpets: Carpet Squeegee

Living room with carpet

Ultimately, squeegee your carpet for a deep clean to remove pet hair and other dirt works. But if you have a lot of carpeted areas in your home, do you really want to be on your hands and knees with a squeegee every week?

Plus, you do need to vacuum the non-carpeted areas of your home. So instead of using multiple tools and spending a lot of time with a squeegee, clean the floors and carpets in one go with a good vacuum. Emphasis on the good. 

Not all vacuums are equal, and not all vacuums will effectively clean a carpet, especially if you have shedding pets. If you notice your carpets are still dirty after you’ve vacuumed, it’s probably time to upgrade. Luckily, I just wrote a whole article on Dyson vacuum cleaners. So I would highly recommend reading Which Dyson Vacuum Should You Buy?

Melissa vacuuming her hallway

Clean Your Carpet!

So that’s another TikTok trend broken down for all you Clean My Space readers. If you missed our last article, read What is Laundry Stripping?: TikTok Cleaning Hacks. 

Did you know Clean My Space is on TikTok too? Find us @cleanmyspace for all your #cleantok needs! And if you need help with carpet cleaning, be sure to read 6 Products for Effectively Removing Upholstery Stains (and Pet Odors). 

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