How To Use Spectra S2 Letdown Mode

What’s more, the s2 lets you switch between the two modes as you please. Letdown or massage mode, and expression mode.

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You can use the s2 breast pump as either a single or double pump.

How to use spectra s2 letdown mode. Here is how to hack your spectra to use medela pump parts. Start by assembling the backflow protector. They also both include a timer, so you know for how long you have been expressing.

The s2 has more flexible options, which of necessity makes it slightly more complicated to use. Some pumpers prefer to use other pump parts instead of what comes standard with a spectra s1 or s2 for a variety of reasons. Let this trigger a let down for two to three minutes.

If you have a spectra s1, you should see on your lcd screen a blinking battery icon. Assemble the backflow protector on the spectra s1/s2 pump. I hope this little guide helps you to understand how to use spectra s1 or s2 breast pump and get the most milk from your breast.

If it is still not working, try a second outlet in your house that you know is working. While milk is flowing freely, try turning up the suction and lowering the cycle speed. By using a short and shallow pulse, it stimulates the body’s letdown reflex.

The spectra baby s2 is a fantastic pump just like it is. The spectra s2 has three different settings that you can use to configure your suction, while the medela pump in style has two. The steps to using the spectra pumps include assembling the pump parts, and then understanding how to use the settings on the pump.

This alone saves you a lot of time. The expression mode is used after the letdown. You can use the pump on one breast only or on both at the same time.

The massage mode mimics that of a suckling baby that stimulates a letdown. When you start pumping with the s2, press the button with the two squiggly lines. It’s specifically designed to help moms dealing with decreased breast milk production.

You might be wondering exactly how to use a spectra s2 pump. Both the spectra s9 and s2 pump’s massage mode can be adjusted from level 1 to 5. When the milk starts flowing, it switches to the expression mode.

This pump is quiet, has excellent. Once letdown is achieved in massage mode, many women switch to expression mode where they can get a slower, but more intense suction speed. It will then change to a steady icon with the cell showing that it is charging.

This pump is strong enough to keep your supply where it needs to be but gentle enough that you won’t feel discomfort while pumping. Start with these spectra settings and adjust them to your comfort level. When milk starts dribbling or flowing start step 2!

(medela refers to the first as letdown mode, while spectra refers to it as massage mode.) Steps to use the spectra s1 and s2 pumps. Reduce the vacuum level if you are feeling pain.

However, for the expression mode, the spectra s2 pump is adjustable from l1 to l12, while the spectra s9 is only adjustable until l10. The spectra s2 is a hospital grade pump that remains surprisingly gentle despite its strong motor. However, it's still just a matter of pressing a button to increase and decrease suction, and pressing a button to increase or decrease cycle speed.

This puts the pump in expression mode to encourage letdown and get milk flowing. Check out my post with 35 spectra s2 tips for the full details. For the next 5 minutes, use cycle 54 and vacuum level 5.

Switching between massage and expression mode during a single pumping session often results in more milk production. Here is a popular spectra setting many moms use to pump more milk. 3 genius tips to make a spectra s2 pump portable.

Expressing from both breasts at once saves you time and better supports milk supply. You also have a button for switching to the massage mode for letdown. The spectra s2 breast pump is a compact breast pump that’s electrically powered to encourage let down and draw milk from the breast.

Both the spectra s1 and s2 were a firm favourite in our lactation group. What are the mom’s opinions regarding the spectra s1 and s2? Spectra s9+ personal grade double breast pump with massage mode.

Once milkflow slows, you can switch back. The two squiggly lines will appear on the led screen. Your spectra s2 comes with everything you need for double pumping.

Don’t get easily frustrated when you don’t get the amount of milk that you want. Spectra s2 breast pump overview. Start with letdown mode on cycle 70 and vacuum level 3 for the first 2 to 3 minutes.

So, if your child is feeding on one side, you can use the spare side to pump and store up a milk supply. Keeping the pump clean is as easy as cleaning the flanges as this is a closed system pump. Don’t forget that pumping should not be painful.

Put that on 54 cycle, 5 or 6 vacuum. The suction is adjustable in both the letdown and expression mode.

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