How To Use Spectra S2 For First Time

Despite the major benefit that the spectra s1 provides, when i was initially dealing with breastfeeding, i was mostly stuck at home for the first few months on maternity leave so i didn’t really have much use for a portable breast pump. The steps to using the spectra pumps include assembling the pump parts, and then understanding how to use the settings on the pump.

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Don’t get easily frustrated when you don’t get the amount of milk that you want.

How to use spectra s2 for first time. Sterilise all parts prior to first use except for tubing, pump motor, and power adaptor. But if you can afford it, just go for the spectra s1. Why i chose the spectra s2 breast pump over the s1.

This is how the spectra s2 fairs against its competitors: Before the first use, sterilize all the components except for the pump motor and tubing by placing them in boiling water for 5 minutes. Who should get the spectra s2?

Secondly, it’s worth noting that the spectra s2 has a habit of vibrating when it’s in use. Sorry to ask so many questions today! How do you take care of/maintain the spectra s1 and s2?

How to use spectra s2. Spectra offers a comprehensive manual that you can easily download or print, but to get you started, here’s a simple step by step breakdown of how to use the s2 electric pump: The spectra s2 is an electric hospital grade single or double breast pump.

All of the advice in this article is applicable for both the spectra s1 and s2 pumps. You can use this cheat sheet for the spectra settings to get the most milk while pumping. 3 genius tips to make a spectra s2 pump portable.

Included with your spectra s2 your spectra s2 comes with everything you need to double pump, including two sets of tubing, backflow protectors, breastshields, duck valves, and bottle kits. The spectra s2 does make a fair bit of noise too. Although you’ll pay for this added feature, the s1 is a good option for women who love the quality performance that the s2 provides, but also want to be able to use the machine with batteries.

That one was a game changer for me. Spectra s2 breast pump reviews rave about the performance and power of this pump. There are silicon cushion inserts for the breast shields that offer.

Expressing from both breasts at the same This puts the pump in expression mode to encourage letdown and get milk flowing. Here are four different options for the settings to use for your first pumping session with your spectra.

Spectra recommends that all parts (again, excluding tubing) be washed after each use in hot soapy water. If you just got your spectra s1, spectra s2 or spectra synergy the pump can be a little intimidating. All pump parts (excluding the tubing) should be sterilized before first use.

This is also blue, which may be a preference for some moms. When you start pumping with the s2, press the button with the two squiggly lines. Yet despite its power, it is said to be incredibly gentle.

Moms believe it is gentler on women with no experience with pumping. Most moms have actually regretted not getting the s1 in the first place. I'm trying to assemble my spectra s2 breast pump, and it says to boil all parts of the breast shield kit except the tubing for 5 min.

Start out with the first option. The only differences between spectra s1 and s2 is that the s1 (the blue version) comes with a rechargeable battery, giving it the ability to be cordless and perfectly portable. Again, this isn’t a huge problem, but you will need to find a safe place to rest it while you pump, otherwise you run the risk of watching it vibrate its way straight onto the floor!

I hope this little guide helps you to understand how to use spectra s1 or s2 breast pump and get the most milk from your breast. If you’re on a budget and you’re okay with being tethered to an electrical outlet while pumping the whole time, the s2 is a great choice. It uses a vacuum suction with a quiet motor to elicit a downflow and help you pump.

Freemie independence vs spectra s2 the fact is that there are countless types of breast pumps on the market, and different mothers/caregivers/buyers have different targets when they make a purchase. Check out my post with 35 spectra s2 tips for the full details. Do not get the pump motor or tubing wet.

Your spectra s2 comes with everything you need for double pumping. It is time to learn about the freemie independence vs spectra s2, which are two of the best breast pumps on market. They thought of everything with the spectra s2 pump.

In addition, the spectra s1 plus can be used as a single or double pump, saving a lot of time. Any questions about using your spectra s2, please check our website for more information or get in touch with our customer service team at any time. This one goes out to those spectra breast pump users out there.

When it comes to choosing between the s1 and s2, the biggest difference is that the s1 comes with a rechargeable battery. They warn against over sterilization as it can cause warping and damage to equipment. The spectra s1 and spectra s2 are mom favorites because they are quiet, comfortable, and efficient!

Steps to use the spectra s1 and s2 pumps. The nice thing about the two most common spectra breast pump models s1 and s2, is that the buttons and settings are the same. Difference between spectra s1 and s2.

With massage mode and backflow protection, you are able to choose a variety of settings for your ultimate comfort. The two squiggly lines will appear on the led screen.

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