How To Stretch Cowboy Boots With Alcohol

Another method is by using rubbing alcohol by saturating the cowboy boots with it or by spraying rubbing alcohol on the boots but this is a very risky technique because. Wait for a little until the leather has soaked in the liquid.

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For this purpose rub the inside of the boots with alcohol or wine.

How to stretch cowboy boots with alcohol. Here is the procedure to apply alcohol to your leather boots: Whether you’re going for an evening out on the town with your friends or just heading out for dinner with your partner, a smart pair of cowboy boots can instantly elevate your outfit. Boot stretching steps #1 spray down the area of the boot that is too tight, liberally with either boot stretch spray or your alcohol spray.

After that, kindly let the shoe freeze for about eight hours, and expect the water to expand as it changes to ice would get the boot stretched. Knowing the type of leather used in your boot is necessary to understand the problem and find a solution. An alternative to this is to simply rub alcohol directly onto the parts of the shoe requiring stretching;

Here’s how to get the creases out of leather boots with alcohol: Insert them in your boots and leave them overnight. Dip a cotton ball into the liquor.

Spray the interior and exterior of your shoes generously, paying special attention to interior and exterior seams. If boots are made of regular leather, then you need to know if the boots are lined with leather. Mix a 1:1 ratio of rubbing alcohol and water in a clean spray bottle.

When alcohol has evaporated it will become comfortable to wear. Spray the boot stretch spray into the area you want cowboy boots to stretch. If you do use rubbing alcohol, be sure to condition your boots afterwards.

The amount of alcohol or vaseline to use depends on your shoe size. Cowboy boots are one of them. Kindly get a sealable plastic bag and fill it with water;

You will need more if you have a big shoe or jacket than if you have a pair that stretches to your ankle only. Spray alcohol mixed with water inside your boots to stretch the calves. Insert a shoe stretcher or shoe horn firmly inside the shoe and allow the shoes to stretch for at least four hours.

Apply the alcohol to the shoes. Use alcohol and water to stretch leather. Therefore, today, we will take about a different method to learn how to stretch cowboy boots at home.

The key to stretch new leather is making it softer. Put your feet inside the boots. Put the shoe or boot on while still wet, as the alcohol will dry quickly.

Boot trees are also very helpful. So, you can buy boot stretch or you can just buy rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle. But sometimes, their fitting causes us extreme discomfort, and we tend to throw them into the closest.

Like soaking your boots in water, using rubbing alcohol to stretch boots can be tricky and is not a method we generally recommend. Gently apply to those parts where you feel discomfort or pain. Apply the alcohol to the inside of the boots where they fit too tight.

While it might do the trick for stretching your boots, it can also damage the leather. If you need a broader stretch, or have very stiff boots, then select a thicker pair of socks for a more expansive stretch. Some luxury boots use alligator or snake leather too.

In addition, you will either need boot stretchers or material to stuff your boots with during the stretching process. Leather is an organic material, so, if done perfectly, good quality leathers are not very difficult to stretch. The stretching of the cow boots can also be done by soaking it in water but in this method there is one disadvantage because here the water may affect and damage the leather.

Your cowboy boots are made of leather and when you try to stretch them too quickly, it will develop cracks and the appeal of the boots will be ruined. The best way to prevent this and still stretch your leather boots is to use a leather conditioner. If the boots only need a little stretching, put them on with bare feet.

This method can work for the entire body of the boot, but it works especially well for calves that are a little too tight. Walk around for five minutes so the alcohol works to stretch the boots to fit your feet. If they need further stretching, put on a pair of socks before walking in the boots.

Put the boot stretcher into the cowboy boot and adjust the stretch level of the cowboy boot. Ways to stretch cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are fabricated of cowhide leather.

Leave the pair in shade to air dry. If you don't want to buy a shoe stretching fluid, mix your own stretching liquid by combining rubbing alcohol and water in equal amounts. Get a bag or water iced within the boots.

Work the creases out using your fingers or a clean piece of cloth. Prepare the boots with shoe stretching fluid (optional). The old western styles shoes have class, and that tapping sound is outstanding.

This is a very effective way to stretch the boots, but it will cost “a little”. Spray the mix all over the leather upper.

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