How To Report A Seller On Ebay For Selling Fakes

I bet ebay will care when nfl/nba/upper deck (etc) contacts them about profiting off the sale of unlicensed reprints. Most of them use all private listings and the one i just bought from got 17 negatives between the time i paid and waited for gems to arrive.

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How to report an item.

How to report a seller on ebay for selling fakes. In many cases these knockoffs violate patents and marketplaces routinely ignore sellers/businesses who report ip/patent infringement. This is not an exhaustive list; Ebay dont normally act unless the listings are reported by the rights holder as many sellers will just try and report their competitors for selling fakes out of spite and also ebay dont want to lose all those lovely final value fees either!

Report a seller what to do if ebay ended the listing of an item you bought. If the rights holder is a vero member they will take down items if they make the request. Craft the perfect ebay listing.

You don’t need to report the seller to us if you bought an item and then received a message from us saying that the listing was removed. The first load appear to be all fake. The report item link on the listing page can be used by anybody, whether or not he has bought.

You print it off, fill it in, then send back to ebay via your email address with a screenshot of the feedback which you have highlighted in. Give the information to ebay. As has been said, it can be used by competitord or the deranged, with no comeback i know of if it is fase.

Be sure to mention in the claim that ebay removed the listing for some sort of violation. Select the reason from the dropdown menu, then continue. You have got to contact ebay & ask for a defamation form, which they will send to you in messages & it will also arrive in your email account.

You can report an item to us by selecting the button below, or directly from the listing using these steps: Customs and border protection (cbp) The downside to selling fakes is, as that person pointed out, negative feedback and damage to your seller account (which leads to fewer views, less revenue.) also i have heard (though not experienced) that if a buyer calls the fraud dept (trust & safety or somesuch) at ebay, they will tell the buyer to destroy [keep] the fake, and they also get.

I'd be inclined to keep well away, although you could just report the listing anonymously by using the report button on the listings. Fill out the form below if you have purchased from, or know of a seller selling counterfeit products as authentic. Note that succeeding with listing and selling fakes boils down to a few things.

I know i was a fool but some of the gems were hundreds of dollars. Sellers cannot simply remove their listings, ebay did it. Ebay rarely does anything about items reported from members.

Report a seller what to do if ebay ended the listing of an item you bought. Faulely accused of selling fake items. You suspect the seller is under the age of 18;

You can report each listing through the report link in the listing. I would suspect that ebay want to notch up a considerable number of reports from different people. Also, check to see if ebay naru's (no longer a registered user) the seller.

Getting one on one with a seller and calling them out as fakers is never going to end well! You can report suspicions concerning the manufacture or sale of counterfeit or pirated goods to the fbi by contacting your local fbi office and asking to speak with the duty complaint agent. When requesting the return be sure to use not as described as the reason for return and state the item is fake in the return case.

Dude is selling a 400 lot of mj/kobe/lbj game used patch autos. That's a lot of fabric. Ask for a full refund, plus your shipping cost.

Sellers you report wll be searchable for others. Is there any way to report a seller of fake gemstones? Not only are fakes routinely ignored, every marketplace is in the habit of selling sales data to chinese sellers/factories for popular items and having knockoffs produced.

How to report a seller on ebay for selling fakes.acg (autograph consulting group) has been tracking fakes for about three years and uncover an increase in autograph forgeries being advertised for sale on ebay, amazon, craigslist, ioffer, and countless other websites including If the seller is selling fakes then that will be reflected in their feedback and ultimately end their selling career. You’ll find all of our policies here.

On the next page, fill in any extra. If you bought an item, and then received a message from us saying that the listing has been removed, you don't need to report the seller to us, but to get your money back you'll need to let us know that you haven't received your item, or open a return if the item has. Not silver / not an antique / and coninsedently not a coin!

Reporting a retailer selling fakesreporting a retailer selling fakes. Go to the listing and choose report item, which you'll find next to the description and shipping and payment options.

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