How To Remove A Propane Fireplace Insert

Once you have the insert where you can see the connections you can unhook them. It's easier than removing a gas insert because it's not necessary to remove or disconnect gas lines.

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You can also find links to purchase parts for desa products, as well as links to other manufacturers of heating products similar to those previously offered by desa.

How to remove a propane fireplace insert. is an information site for products manufactured by desa prior to 2009. Delivery charge of 3.97 (weather they deliver 1 gallon or 500 gallons) cost per gallon at the local refilling center is 2.28 a gallon. For heating my wood shop and garage in the the gas fireplace.

There is nothing discretely removable that will not render the gas insert unit worthless. This is done to clean up after removing the insert. What i am after is how to get the fireplace out and replace it without having to rip out a wall.

This may include removing some or all of the brick, rockwork, drywall, and even framing from around the fireplace. It's in a 1970s ranch which had two regency propane units installed by the former owners in 2004. Oddly, the best photo i have of the gas log insert is this one, from may 2009, taken within the first 10 days of moving into my house.

4) seal end with a brass flare cap. I was in the middle of painting the living room, the fireplace, and polyurethaning the floors. Disconnect the gas line using an adjustable wrench.

Slowly remove the fireplace insert. You may have to use a hammer or mallet to break apart the framing. And with a propane fireplace insert or natural gas insert, you can start that fire with a literal flip of a switch!

It should still be connected to the gas line at this point, so you don’t want to pull too hard and damage it. They may be threaded together so you may need to use a wrench. You may have to use a hammer or mallet to break apart the framing materials, then use a crowbar to pry them away.

Propane locally delivered costs 1.7289 cents a gallon plus a hazmat. An gas insert is a unit that is designed to go into a wood burning fireplace to convert it from wood to gas. It's made of metal, and may have an interior facing that is designed to look like brick.

There is an obfuscation of terms here. Find the screws or bolts holding the insert to the chimney by lying down. Remove the fireplace and cap the gas pipe or remove the gas feed altogether.

It’s also glaringly obvious that i had already painted the dining room it’s first color, a lively coral pink. How to remove a prefab fireplace. Once you have the insert where you can see the connections, you can unhook them.

Remove the logs, lava rocks and any other pieces inside the fireplace. Cost to remove electric or gas fireplace insert. Here is how our propane fireplace insert looked.

Remove all of the trim from around the fireplace insert. A prefab fireplace is an appliance not unlike a stove. Propane gas fireplace inserts are designed to be installed in your current masonry fireplace, so you don't even have to clear out an extra space.

This site has owner’s manuals and tech tips that were written by desa prior to their bankruptcy. Slowly remove the fireplace insert. 5) mortar hole in fireplace.

2) cut gas line on the top of the back of the fireplace (before it turns and goes over the ceiling) 3) remove portion of line that's been cut by pulling through fireplace hole into house. It is also important to vacuum or sweep. Removing the gas fireplace insert can raise a lot of dust, cobwebs, and other debris.

Removing the fireplace insert is only part of the cost. Remove soot from the bottom of the insert and place it in a bucket using a metal scoop. We consulted with a builder and asked if he thought we could remove the insert ourselves.

Removing an electric or gas fireplace insert costs $500 to $2,500, depending on the size, fuel source, type of ventilation system, and if the chimney breast needs demolishing. Today we’ll feature a wide range of the 10 best gas fireplace inserts for 2021, and explain the difference between each type of gas fireplace inserts you can buy. Turn the pilots back on at the water heater or other electronics as essential.

1) turn off gas by the red shut off valve.

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