How To Measure Trailer Axle Width

All cambered axles should be mounted with the center bow up. Mark this area on each of the two tires.

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• measure the tires width on each end of the axle with a measuring tape.

How to measure trailer axle width. In the old days a guy would take a tape measure, go underneath the. (generally adding 2” to the spring center measurement can determine the frame width.) axle beams. How to measure a trailer axle.

In straight axles, you measure from the spindle centerline and axle main beam center line. For instance, in a size p215/65 r15 tire, the width is 215 millimeters. Many trailer axles are cambered or 'road set' so there is a bow until weight is put on the axle.

You want an axle that is similar to the one currently under the trailer to avoid any problems with clearance. The measurement from the face of one hub to the face of the other. Measurement # 2 = spring center.

Measure the overall length of the axle including the end of the spindle. Our axles are listed based of the axles hubface measurement, once this has been determined it is much easier to search for the adequate sized axle. Because torsion axles don’t have springs to mount, it’s the bracket width (usually meaning the outside dimension of the frame members or frame width ) that defines it’s mounting position.

Divide the number by 2 to find the center of the tire. Under slung mounts have the spring mounted below the axle and over slung mounts have the spring mounted on top. First, you need to measure the distance between the wheel hubs, which is known as the hub face, track width, or center of tire measurement.

Axle dimensions dimension name description tt tip to tip total length of axle from end to end ff face to face distance from one wheel face to the other (track width) cw chasis width distance between outside of chasis rails cf chasis to face distance from ourside of chasis rail to wheel face tc tyre clearance dist your axle based on the current style you currently have on your trailer. Split width (widening the whole trailer) if the entire trailer needs to be wider, simply split the trailer down the middle (front to back).

3,500 lb axles are typically 5 lug. Then, on the good side, measure from the spring center to the outside. (generally adding 2” to the spring center measurement can determine the frame width.) also check out the common axles.

Trailer axle drop is the distance from the centerline of spindle to bottom of the main axle tube. Let's refer to this chart: In australia the maximum trailer width is 2.5 metres.

Most 5,200 lb to 7,000 lb round tube axle beams are 3″ diameter. Therefore, there is no drop. You can still get the hub face measurement provided:

This hub face (or track width) measurement will tell you the axle’s length. Trailer axle spring center is the distance between the center of one spring to the center of. Most 3,500 lb round tube axle beams are 2 3/8″ diameter.

You are still able to take a spring center measurement. Two of the most common trailer bolt patterns are 4 on 4 and 5 on 4.5. The hub face is the round metal part on each axle end with the lug bolts on it for mounting tires.

Therefore, there is no drop. There are two measurements you need to know in order to get a correct replacement for a trailer axle. The measurement from the center of one spring pad to center of the other.

Hub face (hf) and spring centers (sc) are what we use to determine your axle width and placement. Are all 4 lug trailer wheels the same? For positioning the axle fore and aft on the trailer, the article on calculating axle position may interest.

The axle will either have brakes (braking axle), or no brakes (idler axle). How to measure a trailer axle. Of course, this will also require a new axle because the spring seat distance and track width must get wider.

(the face is where the wheel sits against the hub.) the measurement from the center of one spring pad to center of the other. If your axle is broken outside of the spring, there is still hope. How to measure an axle.

− where applicable, location of problem on suspension / trailer (e.g., road side, front axle. The important points for this kind of width. If that is the case, take the spring measurement as above.

How to measure trailer axle alignment. In either case, the hub face (hf) measurement is measured to the same place, the outside face of the hub that holds the tires on. Refer to axle measuring video for assistance.

To do this wheels and any hubs must be removed. How to order an axle. When replacing a trailer axle try to determine how it was previously mounted.

Cut all the cross members and add middle sections. This is the track measurement for a trailer axle without tires mounted to it. For replacement axle, to determine the spring center, measure from the center of one spring to the center of the opposite spring.

They should be identical or within 1/8 of an inch, give or take 1/16 of an inch. 4, 6 and 8 lug trailer wheels are all measured the same way. In some cases is possible to purchase an axle slightly longer or shorter than the one you currently have and the axle will still fit and function properly.

One of the sides of the axle is intact. Measurement # 1 = axle track.

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