How To Measure An English Saddle Width

Use a measuring tape and measure from the center of the button on the pommel (front of the saddle), to the middle of the cantle (rear of the saddle). It refers to the distance between the bottom of the points of the tree.

Measuring your seat size for an English saddle

This discrepancy could be because the length of tree points and their.

How to measure an english saddle width. The saddle seat size of an english saddle is measured in inches from either of the nail heads or brads on each side of the pommel to the middle of the cantle. To determine flap width, and thus relative forwardness, measure horizontally across the widest part of the flap, as seen in the picture. It is possible to have a horse that needs a wide tree width, but a narrow tree angle at the same time.

How to measure an english saddle. Since the nail head isn’t perfectly centered, your measurement will be at a diagonal. For example, a wide tree in one saddle may be appropriate for a certain horse, but a wide tree in another saddle may be inappropriate for the same horse.

Many people confuse tree size with gullet width. The back of the saddle is called the cantle. To measure the width of the saddle flap, measure horizontally across the widest part of the flap.

How do you measure the gullet width of an english saddle? Take a flexible wire that can be bent easily. Use the bottom of the tree points as your measuring locations.

It has nothing to do with tree angle. Measure across the front of the saddle from one point to the other. Position the end of a tape measure at a nail head and stretch it across the saddle to the center of the cantle.

If there’s 1/2″ to 3/4″ of space on either side of your fist, the saddle is approximately a medium tree. Tree is a completely different measurement: This measurement is either described in centimeters or as medium, medium/wide, etc.

For most adult size saddles this will be about 17. This will make it much easier to measure. After you take the second photograph, remove the saddle and proceed to step 2.

You should have approximately a hand’s width of room both in front and in the back of your seat for the english saddle to be properly fitted. Please note that these excellent descriptive photos are from: You have to measure the withers.

On the front of each panel there are four felt dots. Tree width and tree angle absolutely need to be adjusted together. The width was measured at the 90 degree spine angle and they created another device (seen above with the teal gel pad) to assign a saddle based on sit bone width.

If the width of your saddle’s tree is correct for your horse, but the angle is incorrect, the saddle will not fit your horse. English saddles, excluding cutback styles, typically measure 2 inches more than a western saddle. This is one of the points of saddle fit that i see incorrectly fitted very often the tree width is the width of the tree at the front of the saddle, between the panels.

Instead, imagine a line that runs from the bottom of the tree point to the front of the. Measure the distance between the two felt dots closest to the gullet. Again step straight back, make sure you are parallel to the horse and that you can see the whole horse, and take the second photo.

The techniques used to measure the seat of english saddles are similar to that of a western saddle. Measure from a nail head to the center of the saddle’s back. Place it over the wither 2″ behind the horse’s shoulder blade.

Another low tech method to estimate the width of a saddle is to clench your fist and put your knuckles up to the front of the saddle. Adding flocking to or removing flocking from the vertical panels of. We find with older saddles, a more accurate measurement is obtained if you let the tape follow the contours of the saddle more, versus pulling it snug.

Then put on the saddle without a pad and girth it up as if you were going to ride. On either side of the gullet you will find the panels of your saddle. Do not bend the measuring tape around the saddle to touch the point;

The strip of unpadded leather running down the center of your saddle is called the gullet. English saddle fitting guidelines how to fit a saddle. How to measure an english saddle.

(between two and four fingers is generally recommended). Twist width is usually a fairly personal choice, too, though the twist is an aspect of saddle design that is supposed to accommodate the horse's shape more than the rider's. This means if you ride in a 15” western saddle, you are likely going to fit a 17” english saddle.

How do you measure the tree size on an english saddle? Once you have these measurements, find yourself a fitting saddle will be much easier. When measuring your current english saddle, it's important that the saddle is level.

Tree width does not necessarily ensure a proper saddle fit. However, this may not translate directly with extremely padded equitation western saddles, or for barrel racers in very snug seat sizes. Conversely, if the angle is alright, but the width is not, the same will happen.

To measure a saddle gullet, do the following. A woman’s hand will generally measure about four inches across.

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