How To Kill Raccoons At Deer Feeder

This prevents them from being able to access the deer feeder, and the local deer won’t have a problem due to their height. Have a deer deterring yard.

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Like all other wild animals, raccoons are always looking for food.

How to kill raccoons at deer feeder. Adding a steel raccoon baffle to your feeder pole is the most effective way to stop raccoons. Go out there one night with a spotlight and a 22, then set traps to catch what you don't kill. There are several things you can do.

That is no small critter hitting your prized feeders! Raccoon baffles are much larger, a full 10″ in diameter and about 2 feet tall, preventing the crafty critters from reaching over or “hugging” their way over it. But regarding the moultrie deer feeder!

These would also come in handy besides hunting purposes. Raccoons can be greedy with deer food, and they love a good challenge. I was thinking about pvc pipe around the legs but didn’t know if it would be slick enough to prevent them from climbing.

Keep feeders out of reach. In this regard, they will be more than happy to invade your deer feeder. With their dexterity and intelligence, raccoons can open containers many containers.

There are a few different options for deterring raccoons, but you should check with your local wildlife control regulations before you take any action. You can take advantage of this trait by using scents they dislike, such as hot pepper, onion, garlic, peppermint oil and epsom salt to repel them. I was merely stating the fact that racoons need to be controlled just like coyotes do.

You can also use a raccoon trap at the base of the deer feeder. The effect is based on these animals’ fear of the predator, the presence of which is imitated by the odor of coyote’s urine. Deer eat a wide variety, but there are still types of birdseed that they may find unappealing.

Raccoons consume many of the same food items as deer such as persimmons, blackberries, corn, etc. Raccoons have a strong sense of smell, which they use to find accessible food sources. We bought a couple of tripod feeders recently and have raccoons climbing the legs.

First is to have a fence around the deer feeder preferably an electric fence. A little management goes a long way. The problem is that these varmints take the feed intended for the deer and eat it themselves.

Periodically take down your feeders. Do raccoons eat deer meat? Secondly, how do i keep raccoons away from my corn?

However, it is important to note that the trapping of raccoons is illegal in some states. Some raccoons can grow close to 50 pounds in weight. They climb in but cant get out.

You can lure out deer from the woods by putting attractants on deer feeders at a convenient place. They may even frighten the deer off so that they have the feed to themselves. The nuisance raccoons i kill every summer ruin our sweet corn even when we try keeping them out with electrical fences.

There are several things you can do. How to keep deer away from bird feeders offer food deer don't like. Therefore, a quality deer feeder could be a fantastic hunting gear to have.

The produces indicates that this product contains coyote urine as an active ingredient which efficiently deters armadillos, deer, and raccoons. Below are some of the scents that raccoons strongly dislike, and the best ways to use them to your advantage. Squirrel baffles won’t do the job.

This is a popular tactic among deer hunters to confirm an easy kill. As for you stating that most ecosystems will balance themselves out naturally, i. I know killing them will thin the herd, but we can’t kill them all, so looking for something other than (or in addition to) that.

Simply greasing the legs of the deer feeders will make it so that raccoons and other animals won’t be able to climb it properly. Hereof, do racoons eat deer corn? Traps and.22s are what we use.

I like raccoons, but i like deer more, so i opt to favor deer and attempt to reduce raccoon populations. Raccoons can remove most of the feed from feeders and discourage deer and other critters from using the area. Put a 50 gal drum out with a bit of corn in the bottom than put a 2×6 ramp to it for the coons to climb up ,my neighbor does this in his barn.

The most effective way to prevent damage to the sweet corn crop is to encircle the area with an electric fence. You can also use a. So, how to get rid of raccoons and squirrels from your deer feeder stations?

So sometimes, just putting a lid on the feeder might not be enough to keep them away. I found something that i want to share with those of you who have free standing feeders that is so simple and works 100% to keep the squirrels as well as the raccoons from climbing up the legs to eat or chew on the feeder. Nowhere did i say i was killing ***** over a deer feeder.

The bird feed companies have spent gads trying to build a feeder that raccoons and squirrels couldn’t use. Which raises the question of how to get rid of raccoons at deer feeder. They love to outwit the tightest lid systems.

Without being able to trap the raccoons i’m not aware of any system that keeps raccoons away. They often attempt to consume them at the same time as deer. Another option is to use a guard on the legs of the deer feeder to accomplish the same thing.

The first is to have a fence around the deer feeder preferably an electric fence. These cute scavengers can wreck havoc at your feeding area. Also, managing the acreage to feed and hold more deer all year long so you don't have to artificially put out corn for deer and other things to eat.

This raises the question of how to get rid of raccoons at deer feeder.

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