How To Fish A Jerkbait In Winter

Water clarity and fish species will determine the depth of the fish. Wired2fish posted a video to playlist winter fishing.

Find Fall Bass with Deep Suspending Jerkbaits Smallmouth

Pulling a jerkbait on top

How to fish a jerkbait in winter. A straight retrieve makes a jerkbait swim with a shimmying action. Jerkbait are designed to mimic the movements of wounded baitfish (e.g., minnows) in very cold water. Some of the brands of jerkbait that i caught fish with this winter are megabass, lucky craft, lucky strike, smithwick rogue, berkley frenzy, and sebile.

Fish your jerkbait in cold, static water. Anyone can catch bass with a jerkbait. Anytime you have clear water a jerkbait is going to be a major player at some point.

Before you let the cold weather scare you away from your favorite fishery, try this overlooked technique for some incredible coldwater bass fishing action. Jerkbaits are some of the best lures to use when fishing for bass in the winter. During the winter months’ bait fish are dying off and a jerkbait is perfect for these situations.

At some point in every season a jerk bait can be a good choice. Jerkbaits are much less effective during the summer and winter when fish are more likely to retrieve down to deep water and escape the extreme temperatures. Bed fishing — ehh, there are too many baits of greater potential to force the.

Tips for fishing the jerkbait in winter. I also like to fish bridges and rip rap banks along bridges in. Fish in this water column will typically be more apt to bite at a darting bait fish that appears to be wounded or aimlessly swimming through the water.

Jerkbait fishing is an excellent way to catch big bass throughout the winter months. Cold water jerkbait fish can be caught on these days, but it’s much more difficult. However, if you aren’t fishing a jerkbait in the winter time, you are missing out.

The bass university instructor and cold water bass fishing expert seth feider is on the water to talk about the tackle he uses to fish jerkbaits in cold this bass fishing instructional video, you will learn: Great time to fish jerkabits; Bluff walls are great places for winter bass.

Loskop dam in mpumalanga has been described as the lake of a thousand casts in largemouth bass circles. A parallel retrieve is the best way to approach bluffs. Well this tutorial should give you a little better idea on how to, when, where, and what to use.

Uh we came out here. It's also a fish catcher in the winter time, but a lot of times pressured fish or uh you know just certain days. To be fair, jerkbaits are excellent tools for bass anglers all year long;

Do you know how to fish a jerkbait for bass? Winter jerkbait fishing at loskop dam. There is definitely some truth to that, as this can be an extremely daunting venue to fish.

Lakes like table rock that have clear water and good populations of largemouths, spotted bass and smallmouth bass will have. Catching multiple bass off a single spot with a jerkbait. The best winter bite occurs on cold, windy and cloudy days.

Winter is often regarded as a finesse season for most bass fishing anglers. A suspending jerkbait also comes in handy when spawning bass are protecting their nests. They won't follow that a rig or they won't hit it.

Detecting the bite, setting the hook & maximizing your chance of landing a bass on a jerkbait. How to fish a jerkbait. Bass are aware of how these slow, stunned minnows move, and will be mostly likely to strike at your jerkbait in cold water.

The lure itself should be a suspending model, not a floater. But when the water temperatures drop into the mid 40s and below, jerkbaits become one of the most productive options for targeting bass. “on the highland reservoirs like bull shoals and table rock, you’re going to have days when you can pick up a few fish in the dead of winter, but that’s generally when the sun’s out, the bait rises really high in the water column and the fish push up a little bit.” maternity ward:

Envisioning a bass following your lure and how to generate strikes from reluctant lookers. The treble hooks on the jerkbait increase your hookup odds when the fish sucks in the bait and then tries to spit it out. I am not saying you can’t use these in dirty water, but they just really thrive in clear water lakes.

I like to fish a jerkbait in the winter close to deep water. However this piece of water holds some great quality fish, and when you. Approaching a dock with a jerkbait.

In the fall time, when bass are blowing up on fish and they're feeding bait fish, and they're very energetic, they're chasing after these bait fish and the reaction bite is much stronger than it is in the winter time or in the summertime, it is clutch to have this jerkbait and be able to throw it in quick like that. Sometimes it’s the water clarity, sometimes it’s the baitfish location. Throw the lure past the nesting bass, slowly reel it back to the bed and let it sit in front of that bass.

I focus on the ends of bluffs as well as rock slides and areas where laydowns or large boulders are close to the walls. When the water gets cold, bass will head for deeper water. Your fingers may get numb and you might have icicles hanging from your nose, but the bass still have to eat.

There is something about this suspending baitfish imitating lure that gets sluggish winter bass fired up. “you just fish everything in front of you,” he says.

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