How To Catch Muskie In June

Honestly, if it took 10,000 casts i would quit. Muskie fishing is spectacular from june to october.

Best Fly Line for Nymphing A Story on Catching More Fish

They just put their baits around more fish.

How to catch muskie in june. Muskie fish are challenging to catch for a multitude of reasons. Self deprecating in a serious way, at times, cory is one of the smartest fishermen that i have ever meet and certainly had the privilege to fish with. It is therefore possible to catch them in the dark and, especially during the warmer months of the year, nighttime fishing can actually yield better results than fishing during the day.

Like all fish, muskie are easier to catch during certain seasons and times of day. Plastics —more specifically mid & mini medussas. Even though you have the chance to pull the fish of your dreams out of canyon lake, muskie that size are rare.

Even though cory is from illinois. Spawning muskies are tough to catch but they won’t all spawn at the same time, so there will be feeding fish in this area. Spring muskie fishing has traditionally been seen as an opportunity for anglers to tune up for the summer months—when the action can be as hot as the weather.

A simple guide on how to catch a muskie in a creek finding muskies in creeks can be surprising to lots of people. When the water temperature is hot, the fish will be sluggish, so use deeper and slower baits. During the spawn, crappie are easy to catch using small jigs fished in the brush.

Fishing accessories for catching muskie. Best time of day for catching muskie. Traditionally soft plastics are retrieved with a “pull, pick up the slack, pull,” manner.

Any muskie hunter knows that lake of the woods is one of the best fisheries of muskie. Anglers come for miles around to fish our trophy waters. Can you catch muskie at night?

Anglers who catch more fish than most aren’t fishing the latest and greatest triple bladed whatever. Cory allen is one of the nicest guys you will fish with. Location is the single greatest factor that will help you catch more muskies.

So do not miss this saturday, june 20th as the 2015 muskie opener on lake of the woods for both the minnesota and ontario sides. The best structural elements to fish are wherever muskies roam, so the classic weed edges, sharp rock breaks, wood, current breaks, and even open water relating to baitfish will be good places. Some of hardest days muskie fishing i can remember dealt with chucking big plastic baits over my shoulder on a 9 foot xxh rod.i was always told to “go big or go home”, and there was no way i was going home.

First off, they are elusive therefore challenging to find. Beyond locating the fish, the sharp teeth bite through the fishing line in a matter of seconds when the fish strikes if the reel is not spooled with the proper line weight. There is a new regulation this year for minnesota.

So i bought the biggest of each kind and had a battle of physical fortitude. This is where the muskies will want to spawn, which means they will feed there heavily before and after the spawn. Muskies are most active in water temps between low 60’s and middle 70’s, and that’s where.

A day on the water with the tennessee valley muskie authority is like a phd course in muskie fishing. In cold water, look for lazier, slow baits like glide baits, jerk baits and jib baits to draw more strikes. If you’re able to do that on the waters i’ve listed below, it’s possible that old ethel could be pushing 60 pounds.

Read on to find out when to go to catch each. One reason is that they’re known for the challenge they hit anglers with that can be hard to picture happening in a small space such as creeks. Best season for catching muskie.

But that perception is changing. We are across much of the range in the middle of june. I like to think of location in terms of seasonal progressions.

Put a jig under a bobber and you catch them all day long. In muskie fishing, some fairly new and effective spring baits fall into the swimbait category. In june and july, crappie spawn in shallow areas where there is brush and gravel.

These baits can be retrieved in a variety of different fashions depending on the mood of the fish.

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