How To Apply Wax To Your Braces

Next, identify the places in your mouth where your braces and wires are rubbing your cheek lining or gums. Dental wax makes the braces comfortable and adaptable for you during the initial stage of the treatment.

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But sometimes, you may experience a scratchy, uncomfortable feeling due to wires pressing against your gums.

How to apply wax to your braces. Whether you're protecting your gums from new braces or sticking down a piece of protruding wire, the procedure for applying dental wax is the same, the american association of orthodontists explains: Push the wax against the bracket or wire that’s out of place. To apply dental wax to your braces, follow these five simple steps:

Dental wax is a natural wax, usually made from beeswax, carnauba, or paraffin that you apply to your braces to give them a smoother, more comfortable surface. Your braces get separated from your teeth via the layer formed by the orthodontic wax. The wax provides a buffer between the hard metal and your soft mouth.

However, you should visit your orthodontist to get a permanent solution if the problem persists. Can you eat with wax on your braces? Gently flatten the wax ball into a disk shape.

If you’ve had braces before, you’re likely familiar with orthodontic wax. Take a new piece of wax every time you apply it. Using your thumb or forefinger, press the ball of wax over the bracket or wire causing you pain.

Once you apply braces wax, it covers the braces’ piercing corners and binds any loose pieces. Use your fingers to roll it into a ball around the size of a small pea. • begin by washing your hands and brushing your teeth where you will apply the wax.

Braces are a fact of life, and while occasionally uncomfortable, will ultimately help you get the smile you deserve. The warmth of your hands will soften the wax. • you should first ensure that your mouth is clean by brushing it and cleaning your hands to ensure that there are no germs.

Remove food debris from your teeth and braces completely. Allow the wax to work. Carefully place the disk onto the area you wish to cover and apply pressure to make the bracewax™ stick.

To apply wax to braces, you must observe proper hygiene before you touch the gum wax. If you have cheese in the fridge that is covered in wax, you can use a small piece of the. Wax is completely safe if swallowed in small quantities.

Soften and warm it between your thumb and your forefinger. How to apply dental wax to your braces? • break off a piece of wax the size of a small pea and roll it.

So, before putting your hands in the wax, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. To learn how to use wax for braces, you first need to know how to apply it. The benefits of orthodontic braces.

Scrub your hands with water and soap at least for 20 seconds. Applying wax over plaque or debris can cause decay, which you don’t want! Roll the ball between your fingers for a few seconds to warm it up, which will make it easier to apply.

It’s great when your braces feel “scratchy” or when a wire breaks and you need to keep it from stabbing into. In time, the soft tissue in your mouth will toughen, and you will need the wax less and less. To apply dental wax to your braces, follow these five simple steps:

On the clean surface of braces and teeth, apply a new piece of wax. That’s where dental wax comes in, a special wax you can have on hand that will provide relief and prevents pain. Since you use it in your mouth, you need to do the work as cleanly as possible.

Wash your hands and dry them. The drier the area, the longer the wax will stick. Follow these steps while you are applying the wax to your braces:

Dental wax remains smooth while in the mouth, and harmlessly flakes away or peels off as it breaks down. Try to avoid eating with wax on braces, as it makes your teeth and wax dirty. Allow the wax to work:

Maintaining your orthodontic braces is important because braces treat many conditions. Press the wax over the painful area and rub it in place. Dissolve one teaspoonful of salt in 8 ounces of warm water and rinse your mouth vigorously.

Once you applied the wax, your mouth should heal. First, brush your teeth & wash your hands. Brush all of your teeth;

What to know before you apply braces wax. Press the wax over the painful area and rub it in place. This helps prevent discomfort while you wear your braces.

How to apply orthodontic wax for braces. Use the wax recommended by your orthodontist. Knowing how to use wax for braces involves preparation.

As you’ll read below, you mainly use your fingers to apply it. Squeeze until it softens and roll it into a ball, then flatten the ball slightly • break off a piece of wax the size of a small pea and roll it between your fingers until it is pliable. While you can eat food when wearing orthodontic wax, it can be difficult.

To protect your healthy teeth and gums, follow these steps to apply dental wax to your braces: Since the wax will cling to food as you eat, you may find it easier to remove the. To maintain good oral health, brush at least twice a day and floss your teeth at least once a day.

To use orthodontic wax, take a tiny piece of wax that’s the size of a pea. You want the dental wax to stick out further than the braces. First, wash your hands and clean your teeth thoroughly.

Wax for braces exists to remove the discomfort by creating a barrier or block between the brackets, archwires, or other parts of the braces and the surfaces in your mouth. How to apply wax for braces. Protecting your gums and mouth tissues from any damage by the orthodontic wax should be done correctly to achieve the best results.

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