How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Bumper Pearl White

Your vehicle most likely has a black trim that left the black mark on the kia. I got rear ended about a month ago, and it cost about $600 to replace the bumper.

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Special paints, such as pearl paints or luxury finishes, will require extensive work, paint matching, and blending to get it looking just right.

How much does it cost to paint a bumper pearl white. But, it can range a higher cost up to $1,500 for a superior painting job. If you have a deep scratch or cracks in the bumper, it can cost as much as $2,500 to replace the entire bumper. Bumper scratch repairs may be less costly and might only involve a quick paint touch up.

If the cost to paint your bumper is on the higher end. The damage was cause by a flying object on the freeway. This service provider uses an inexpensive paint to repaint your car.

The shop said they will use the paint code and match it but also said that pearl white usually always looks somewhat off if its not factory. Maaco is a chain company originally located in north carolina with locations all across the united states that can paint your vehicle for a legitimately reasonable price. Besides, earl schreib has almost the same price, $900 for the same job.

The first thing i would do is buff out as much as possible to see if there are scratches at all. Given below are the charges you can expect for painting different areas of the vehicle: Different makes and models of cars as well as the extent of damage influence the total cost.

What does it cost to paint pearl white into this rear bumper. Door repaint would cost $100 to $500. Car hood would cost $200 to $1000.

According to, the cost to repair a rear bumper dent can be anywhere from $150 to $600. I owned several auto repair and collision shops for over 30 years. Hello, i need to have a bumper painted in pearl white.

A paint mismatch won’t stand out with a tiny bumper as much as it does on the. We carry different front and rear bumper submodels for your toyota vehicle, whether it's a sedan, coupe, 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder model. Our painted cadillac bumper covers are designed to match your original, oem bumper cover so you can get quickly back on the road again.

There are so many types of car paint but pearl car paint is so unique for its color changing ability. However, these rates are only averages, and every repair shop is different. Posted by 9 months ago.

What does it cost to paint pearl white into this rear bumper. This also required air conditioning condensor replacement among other things; A pearl paint when looked from a different angle, the color of the car will appear to change.

Quarter panel paint job would cost $150 to $750. I'm worried it won't match the hood/fenders. The cost of painting a car bumper often includes additional costs for repairing the bumper.

How much does a maaco paint job cost? But for metallic paint, it does not give such illusions. This is at a time when competitors (think 300zx, 3000gt, porsche 964, etc) had tiny rear bumpers in comparison.

The bumper is almost as tall as the edge of the quarter panel! As beautifully shaped as it is, the sheer size of the bumper dominates the rear of the car. But, you’ll get comparatively the good quality service from maaco at around $300.

But you don't have to break the bank to get a great paint job; Auto body shops vary in their fee schedules for this service, but a ballpark figure is $935 to $1,580. I just had my pearl white bumper cover replaced after a minor fender bender.

2012 pearl white prius front bumper: So, think twice if that 1996. The majority of cases involve nothing more than repainting the car bumper cost or car door panel.

Supplies will be in the range of a few hundred dollars, depending on material or color. In most scenarios, the bumper painting process will only take a few hours, which puts labor costs in the $94 to $430 range. Most are happy with the results.

That is for a 2009 pontiac vibe, so i would expect a lexus to be more expensive. After being told by both the service center and the authorized body shop that the bumper would need to be painted, the part arrived already painted from the factory and the paint color is a much closer match than my previous bumper. Choose from a wide variety of painted bumper covers for most toyota models, including the toyota avalon, camry, corolla, 4runner, highlander and more.

Just painting it should only be. We offer replacement bumpers for most cadillac models, including the cadillac cts, cadillac deville, cadillac dts, cadillac escalade, cadillac srx and cadillac sts.

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